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I have tried to design this site without the usual frills and animations so often now found on the web. The focus should be, and hopefully is, the pure presentation of the way I see my environment through the glas of high quality lenses.

Since I am not a professional website designer, I had to start from scratch, learn how to program code, and am now steadily improving my skills. Even though this site might not be as proficient looking as others, keep in mind that my intention is not to win website design contests, but to show my photography. Plain and simple.

Also, in today's world, one seems to be kind of old fashioned not having a blog on his site. This does not mean that I am not interested in your feedback. To the contrary, I very much appreciate every comment. Just drop me a line by clicking here.

To navigate to my pictures you may want to start in the photography section or check out the featured image including its archive.
All pictures, images, graphics and photo-art shown on these pages are the sole property of Peter M. Eckert, therefore copyright protected and not to be used in any form by any third party without prior permission. For inquiries, please feel free to contact me.